Two-year scholarship for up to 50 % of the warm rent for a Frankfurt studio.

The two-year scholarship covers (up to a maximum of € 350 per month) 50% of the warm rent for a studio in which the scholarship holder wishes to work for at least two years.

  • For example, if the warm rent of a studio is 400 € per month, the scholarship covers half of it, i.e. 200 € per month. If the rent is 800 € per month, the scholarship is capped at 350 € per month.
  • A loan can be taken out for the rent deposit, which is made available as part of the scholarship (repayment over the duration of the scholarship).

How many scholarships will be awarded? started in 2021 with six scholarships to celebrate its launch.

Starting in 2022 and going forward, a minimum of three scholarships will be awarded each year, possibly more depending on how much support we receive from others.

The hard part is that the artists have to find the studio themselves.

The scholarship holders have to find a suitable studio themselves, which has to be in or around Frankfurt.

  • Since one idea behind the scholarship is to make additional working space available to artists, the stipend cannot be used for existing tenancy agreements or for the extension of contracts for spaces already used by the artist. Also, it cannot be used to further subsidize an already subsidized studio space. And finally, the studio may not be used for residential purposes.

The timetable? As of now.

Applicants are asked to apply via the website until March 31st, 2022 and upload their portfolio and CV. All applications will be reviewed shortly thereafter by a an expert jury whose members come from the arts sector.

The selected candidates are expected to be announced by the end of April 2022.