How many stipends are awarded? Is this a one-timer or is a longer-term program? started in 2021 with six scholarships to celebrate its launch.

Starting in 2022 and going forward, a minimum of three scholarships will be awarded each year.

What exactly does the scholarship cover and what does it not cover?

The two-year scholarship covers 50% of the warm rent for a studio in which the scholarship holder wishes to work up to a maximum of 350 € per month.

Incidental costs (gas, electricity, WLAN, etc.) are also 50% covered by the stipend up to the maximum amount of 350 € per month.

Potential future increases of rent or incidental costs during the term of the stipend by the landlord are not covered by the stipend.

The stipend cannot be used for existing tenancy agreements or for the extension of contracts for spaces already used by the artist. Also, it cannot be used to further subsidize an already subsidized studio space. And finally, the studio may not be used for residential purposes.

Is there a minimum rental period that must be observed within the framework of the program?

Yes, the minimum rental period is two years, although the contract can of course also be valid for a longer period. However, the financial support under the program only runs for 24 months, from the month in which the lease begins.

Personal circumstances change. What if I have to move out of Frankfurt before the two years are up? Do I then have to pay back the financial support I received?

No. We understand that unforeseen events or situations may require a change of plans. That’s life. We do not ask scholarship holders to repay the support they previously received under the program if they inform us of such a change.

Nevertheless, we naturally want applicants to think very carefully about whether they want to work in Frankfurt for at least two years. It would be unfortunate if there was no grant available for artists who wanted to stay longer because it was given to someone who would soon be leaving Frankfurt again.

Why is limited to Frankfurt? Are there plans to offer the scholarship in other cities or regions?

At the moment, focuses on Frankfurt and the surrounding area. It is the city we love and where we want to help young artists start their careers despite the high cost of living and working.

I don’t graduate until later in the year. Can I apply before then?

Aspiring graduates can apply in the year they graduate. A scholarship awarded before graduation is linked to successful completion.

I did not study in Frankfurt but would like to work in Frankfurt. Can I still apply?

Graduates of recognized art colleges worldwide can apply for the scholarship within 36 months of graduation. It doesn’t matter where they graduated from.

I am not a German citizen. Can I still apply?

Graduates of recognized art schools worldwide who wish to work in Frankfurt can apply for the scholarship regardless of their citizenship. It is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain any residence and work permits that may be required.

How do you define “young” artists? Is there an age limit for applying?

There is no age limit. For the purposes of the program, “young” artists are graduates of an accredited art school in the first 36 months after graduation, regardless of age.

I am a ballet dancer. An actor. A musician. Can I apply? And does this also apply to artists working with digital media?

Absolutely. If you have graduated from a recognized art college, would like to work in Frankfurt and need a studio, you can apply. It doesn’t matter whether your focus is on the visual or performing arts.

The jury consists of experts from the visual arts. How are they supposed to recognize the potential of applicants from the performing arts?

If necessary, the jury calls in other experts to assess the artistic potential of the applicants.

I have heard that in Germany a rental deposit of three months’ rent is usually required. Can the program support me in this regard?

Yes, the scholarship comes with the option of taking out an interest-free loan that is repaid quarterly over the term of the scholarship.

  • If the basic rent for a studio is 700 € per month, for example, three months’ rent, i.e. 2,100 €, must be paid as a deposit. For a loan of this amount, eight quarterly installments of € 262.50 have to be repaid during the two-year term of the scholarship.

This also means that the rent deposit is due to the scholarship holders at the end of the scholarship.

Can help me find a suitable studio?

It is the responsibility of the scholarship holders to find a suitable studio.

We offer partial financing of the basic rent and a loan for the rent deposit. is happy to explain the scholarship to interested landlords.

In addition, we want to publicize the program and the need for affordable studio space to landlords, the city of Frankfurt and other organizations.

How much time do scholarship holders have after receiving the scholarship to find a suitable studio?

Scholarship holders have six months to find a suitable studio, starting the month after they receive the grant. If the scholarship is awarded in June, for example, the scholarship holders have until the end of December to sign a rental contract and move into a studio.

I already have a studio with an existing lease. Can this contract be subsidized by the scholarship?

Since the idea behind the scholarship is also to make additional working space available for artists, only new tenancy agreements can be subsidized. Existing tenancy agreements are excluded. Extensions of existing contracts for spaces that are already being used by the artist are also not eligible for funding.

I have found a studio that is already funded by another public or non-profit program. Can such a studio be eligible for the grant?

Among other things, aims to open up additional working spaces for artists in and around Frankfurt. Double funding is therefore not possible.

My rental contract is expiring, but I have found another studio that will only become available later in the year. Would such a studio be eligible for funding?

Yes, the new rental of a studio space that you have not previously used is eligible for funding.

Can I also be funded if I change studios during the term of the grant?

As long as both studios meet the other requirements, a move is possible and the grant can still be claimed. Any change in the basic rent upwards (or downwards) will be considered up to the maximum support of € 350 per month.

With regard to the rent deposit, the following applies: Once the first loan for the rent deposit has been repaid, another loan can be granted.